Doing the Best with What You’ve Got


I was thoroughly touched by this true story I heard at church.

Even though I don’t have the exact details, but it’s the principle behind it that will make you examine your life carefully.

Never, let me repeat NEVER let something that may seem insignificant stop you from doing what you can.

Doing the Best with What You’ve Got: True Story

The story goes something like this…

There was a pastor in a bad part of town.  It was to the point where he had been stabbed a few times yet he still faithfully served despite the constant danger he surrounds himself.

One day, a middle-aged woman that was originally from Puerto Rico came forward and accepted the Lord as her personal savior.  In her broken English, she asked how she could serve the Lord.  The pastor gave it some thought and knowing that she had a heart for children.   He had her help on the bus that goes around picking up children around town that needed to learn about Jesus.  Since she barely spoke any English.  The only words she knew were Jesus loves you and I love you.

Every Sunday, this woman would look for a child that looked the most pathetic and she would hold him or her on her lap the whole entire ride to and fro from the church.  She would repeat the only words she knew which were “Jesus loves you and I love you.”

Eventually there was one particular little boy that she especially took notice of.  She would hold him in her lap repeating the only words she knew once again “Jesus loves you and I love you.”  What was unique about this little boy was that he would often have a sad countenance and no one had ever heard him spoken a word before.

One particular Sunday, while this little boy was sitting on this woman’s lap as he did many times before hearing those words that echo in his ears “Jesus loves you and I love you.”  He said “I love you, too”.  Unfortunately, that same evening, this little boy’s own biological mother beat him to death and dumped his little body in the trash can which was later found by the police.  Despite the fact, that this is a heart wrenching story that will make many people cry, myself including.


Doing the Best with What You’ve Got: The Lesson

DL Moody

This story is not meant to entertain but to inspire you to action.  The beauty of this true story is that this woman didn’t look at her limitation or make excuses as to why she shouldn’t do her part because she didn’t seem to have a lot to offer.  But she took action and did the best she could with what she knows.  The result?  Her seemingly simple act transform the life of a child that did not know what love was and was severely abused by his very own mother, who ought to be the person showing him love.  I am also reminded of the story with D.L. Moody who only had a 5th grade education.  An educated man criticized D.L. Mood. The man bluntly told him that he needed to give up public speaking because of his bad grammar.   D.L. Moody replied “I know I make mistakes and I lack a great many things; but I am doing the best I can with what I have got.  But look here, friend, you have grammar enough; what are you doing with it for Jesus?”  Isn’t it amazing what the Lord can do through a man that is wholly yielded to Him?  D.L. Moody impacted the lives of millions and he continues to leave his legacy through the work he left behind such as The Moody Bible Institute.  The truth is it is so easy to make excuses and justify why we can’t do certain things.  However, if you truly commit doing the best with what you got….you may be pleasantly surprise as to the results it will yield.

My question to you is are you doing the best with what you’ve got?  If not, why not?  I want to introduce you to Empower Network, a powerful platform that allows you to get results from doing your best with what you’ve got.


The Compound Effect on Empower Network

The Compound Effect

“Success is not doing 5000 things really well, success is doing half a dozen things really well 5000 times.” Darren Hardy



The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  I actually have both the book and the CD version.  I’ve been listening to it day in and day out for the past week on my commute to work and home.  I use audible.com as a tool to listen to great self improvement or motivational books.  You can try it for free for yourself.


1 FREE Audiobook RISK-FREE from Audible


What you’ll find out in the book is what are those half a dozen things and how do you do them really well?  If you have yet to read this phenomenal book, I highly recommend it.  It’s not an ordinary book but one that drives you to take action.  I love the fact that Darren tells it like it is and doesn’t try to sugar coat things.  Darren’s lifestyle adds tremendous credibility to his writing of this book.  His father taught him the value of the Compound Effect.  The results he is able to attain in his life testify to this truth.

The Compound Effect on Empower Network: Blog Daily

Whether the Daves (Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe) realize it or not…but they are actually teaching us principles of the compound effect.

Empower Network Daves

Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood Founders of Empower Network

It’s all about the consistency…

It’s not about doing great and heroic things, but doing little things repeatedly and consistently that gives us the transformational compound effect.  The result almost appears to be a miracle.  In reality, it is simply applying tried and true principles that do not change with time or the latest fad.  As The Bible teaches as well, you reap what you sow.  Don’t try to find the instant fixes or get brainwashed by the “microwave mentality” that results can come with no hard work or discipline.  Haven’t you had enough of the instant gratification mentality that we’re sold on through media and start taking control of your life?   They just fail to tell you of the consequences which you’ll pay dearly for.  By the time you come to the realization of it, it may just be too late.  This principle applies to all areas of our lives.  It can either work for us or against us.  The first step is to be consciously aware of choices we make unconsciously by tracking.

We are taught by the Daves to blog daily.

Empower Network Blog Daily

Blog Daily

Hey, I know I’m guilty of it.  I have not been the most consistent in that department.  I can’t possibly expect to have results when I’m not even doing the basics, the fundamentals that will catapult me to my desired results.  I hate hypocrites that tell you to do something that they themselves are not doing.  But, I’m making the commitment to change that starting today.  No more excuses.  It’s time to take 100% personal responsibility with what happens with my business.

 The Compound Effect on Empower Network: Tell Others

We are also taught by the Daves to tell others.

We are to do it daily.  If you were to treat your Empower Network business as a true business, you’ll let everyone you know you’ve started a new business, but you’ll also deploy different marketing strategies to get them to your business.

If we were simply committed to tell others in whatever ways possible about the means to achieve “Greatness” through the platform of Empower Network, then we will get results.  Start by getting 5 people daily to your website.

Compound Effect Your Traffic



You might be asking.


It’s in there!


In where?


It’s in all the trainings that are available when you go “All In”.


The breakdown math is simple:

$25.00    monthly membership for the blogging platform

$19.99    monthly access to eWallet so you can accept credit card payment for your business)

$100.00   monthly membership for the Inner Circle Training

$500.00   one time investment for the Costa Rica Intensive Training

$1000.00 one time investment for $15K Formula Training

Total cost to have a complete turnkey business for a mere

$ 1,644.99


Keep in mind also you need to own the product in order for you to earn 100% commission on the product.

As I’ve mentioned before, you don’t want to be a hypocrite and tell others they need to buy all the products when you yourself didn’t.  Also, the money will pass up to the next person who did buy the product so you’ll end up losing commission on what should have been yours.

There are free methods and there are paid methods to get people to your website.

Another reason that you need to be “All In” is because when you are only trying out something to see whether it works…it is guaranteed that it won’t.  If that is your mentality, my suggestion is don’t even waste the $25.00 to join.   This system is simple, but it does require daily commitment and consistency for the compound effect to take effect.  Like Jim Rohn said “What’s simple to do, it’s also simple not to do.”  So what will it be for you?  When the compound effect takes effect and you’ve gained momentum, it will almost seem like you’re an overnight success.

Tracking is Key.  This process helps you to become aware of your decisions.

If there is an area in your life that you are not completely happy with, then this is an exercise that will truly be an eye opener.  Tracking allows you to get back on track.

Pick one area of your life that you want improvement in and start tracking for the next 21 days.

We are a sum total of our choices.  The true culprit is the choices we make that we’re not even aware of.  The challenge is that we often don’t see the accumulated consequences from these seemingly insignificant choices we make on a daily basis.

As Jim Rohn had said it so perfectly, “What’s simple to do, it’s also simple NOT to do.”  “It’s not about the complexity of the task but in the doing of simple things repeatedly, long enough to ignite the miracle of the compound effect.”  Life is all about choices and responsibilities.  Are you willing to step up and take 100% responsibility of your life and of your relationships?  It is time to stop playing the blame game and step up to the plate and start being “All in” or why bother.  The only difference between successful versus unsuccessful people are simply that successful people are willing to do what the unsuccessful people are not.

 In conclusion, are you ready to let the compound effect take effect in your life for the better?  Make the decision now and join me with Empower Network and unleash your greatness inside!

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Top 10 Father's Day Gifts 2013


Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts 2013


Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts 2013

I am sure we’ve all done this before.  Once a certain holiday rolls around.  We’ll “Google” stuff like best Christmas’s gift 2012, best Valentine’s day gift 2013, best mother’s day gift 2013 and of course with this particular holiday coming up best or top father’s day gift 2013 or top 10 fathers day gifts to get gift ideas.

You will find the typical ties, shirts, tools and gadgets.

I think holidays are great for the economy since it’s the perfect time for businesses to promote their products and sell a lot of stuff to help our suffering economy grow.

There are things available for all sorts of budgets.

However, I’m going to focus on something that’s a little more personal and inexpensive that I came up with.  The truth is you can use the same ideas for birthdays and anniversaries as well.

Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts 2013

Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts 2013

1)   Write a tribute to your father, sign, date it and frame it.

2)   Get a T-shirt that you can do hand prints on for Father’s Day

3)   Go to Fiverr.com and have someone do a caricature picture of your father

4)   Go to Fiverr.com and have a song specially made for your father

5)   Record a YouTube video and tell your father how much he means to you and list all those times he’s been there for you

6)   Get a photo mouse pad of you with your father with a Happy Father’s Day message

7)   Get a mug or travel cup with your picture or a picture with your dad with a Father’s Day theme

8)   Make breakfast and serve it to your dad in bed.

9)   Give your dad a massage

10)  Have your dad be King for the day!

Top 10 Fathers Day Gifts 2013

Breakfast in Bed for Da Da!

This Father’s Day, I am reminded of my father and the impact he had on my life and also my heavenly Father as well.

The truth is I was separated from my father until I was 10 years old.  Both my parents were illiterate and had very little education.  My father was in the merchant marine until I was 10 as a carpenter.  For that reason I barely have any memory of him at home.  He immigrated to the United States when I was 7 to give our family better opportunities for the future.  My father sacrificed so much in order to give us, his children a better life.  I think often times parents try to give their children what they didn’t have for themselves.  Unfortunately, my father was murdered on February 15, 1993.  It’s been 19 years since his passing.   So, this Father’s Day I want to commemorate his existence and his impact on my life.

Top 10 Father’s Gifts 2013: Tribute to My Father

Tribute to My Earthly and Heavenly Father

You are the reason I’m here and I’m alive.

For you alone are my creator and my maker.

I was created for a unique purpose and as your Word say, I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I am destined for greatness for you are my Father.

You know when I am awake and when I am sleeping.

You know all my ways, my thoughts and my desires.

You even know the number of my hair!

This Father’s Day I want to give you praise and thanks                 for being my Father.

For you are father to the fatherless. (Psalm 68:5)

When my earthly father was murdered.  You were there.

You were always there to catch all my tears.

When I walked down the aisle and married my spiritual leader, my husband, my earthly father couldn’t be there, but my Heavenly Father was.

When I gave birth to my baby boy, Joshua, my earthly father couldn’t be there, but once again my Heavenly Father was.

You are my Rock, my Lord and my Savior.

You’ve always gotten my back.

If God, my Father is for me, who dares to be against me.

The truth is I truly can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

Thank you Lord for saving me and for being my Father, I love you!

Here is a video of my son, Joshua wishing his Da Da, a Happy Father’s Day via YouTube!


Do you spend enough time with the people you care most about?  If not, do you want to know the secret as to how you can free up your time to do things you really want to do, and spend time with people you truly want to be with.  Watch this video NOW!

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There you have it, my top 10 father’s gift for 2013!

Be Blessed Beyond Belief!






Empower Network: Don’t Be A Wussy 2012-Witnessing Miracles

I got to be a part of Empower Network HISTORY!

I just got back from the Empower Network 1st ever “Don’t Be A Wussy 2012” event in Atlanta, Georgia!   What a BLAST!

It was like witnessing miracles in motion.

I’ve been to quite a few events in my life, but I can honestly say nothing to this caliber EVER!!!

1200 people from all over the world came to this event full of anticipation.  There were people from Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada and people throughout United States.

Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe the founders of Empower Network stressed the fact that it’s not just being able to make a lot of money, but also being able to have a life.

I also met many of the top earners of Empower Network as well as our team leader, Scott Zlateff.

Don't Be A Wussy 2012

Scott Zlateff and May Anderson

Don’t Be A Wussy 2012-Members ONLY

First, this was a MEMBERS ONLY event.  We were required to sign an “NDA”-(Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Don’t Be A Wussy 2012-No Cross Recruiting

Second, no cross recruiting was allowed and also the event was pure content and fun, not the traditional “pitch fest” you get when you go to an event like this. The typcial way would be to sell you a low cost or free event to get you there then only to upsell you with higher ticket items usually in the thousands.  Most of the speakers were Empower Network members that are amongst the top income earner.  Personal testimonies were shared as well as tips, mind shift exercises, and action plan.

Don’t Be A Wussy 2012-”Commission Countdown”

Third, I witnessed the first ever “Commission Countdown”, which is something that had NEVER been done before in this industry.  95% of all the attendees have made money, myself including.  The commission countdown was electrifying.  It went from people who had made over $200K in 6 months to brand new people making $25.00.  Everyone started chanting “stay in the game” when the count down was down to the hundreds.  Watch this video to get a taste of the excitement as everyone chime in “100% Commissions”.


So you might be wondering what makes this so AWESOME, and why you need to do EVERYTHING possible to be at our next event.  Empower Network 2nd event, “Fight the Forces of Evil 2012” in San Diego.  Save the dates in September 21, 22, 23.

  • Make 100% commissions
  • Scientific plan to make at least $10,000 in the next 103 days
  • Mindset switch-getting rid of all your hangups and baggage
  • Community of people where 95% of the people are making money regardless of race, gender, age, or background
  • Building relationships and networking with like-minded people
  • Reignite your dream
  • People genuinely care about your success
  • Team leaders willing to help other team members

For full disclosure of our Empower Network income disclaimer below which is updated every month.


Join our team NOW and let the fun begin!

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There you have it a summary of the Empower Network: Don’t Be A Wussy 2012 event and why you need to be in San Diego for “Fighting the Forces of Evil”!


How to Fix Your Wet Cell Phone


How to Fix Your Wet Cell phone

how to fix your wet cell phone

I don’t know about you, but have you ever gotten your cell phone wet and it goes blank on you.  Kaboom!  One minute it was working perfectly and then the next it gives you a complete black screen.  Well, in the past, I’ve dropped my cell phone in the toilet, spilled tea on it, dropped it on the floor, in the snow and the list goes on.  It’s an awful feeling especially if your phone is expensive to replace and you don’t have insurance on it.  Here is some things you can do.



How to Fix Your Wet Cell phone-Google It

Recently while I was giving my baby a bath, I had my phone near by but unfortunately I took a call that came in and after completing the call, I placed the phone back down and it got wet.  The amazing thing was, the phone was not even submerged under water.  I wasn’t even aware that it got wet.  When I tried using it again the touchscreen along with the glass digitizer was fried.  I might have been able to fix it without replacing the lcd and glass digitizer if I would have known some of the following tips.  Hopefully, by knowing this information, you’ll know exactly what to do when it happens to you.  I didn’t even know what the part was called until I googled it.   I have a HTC Sensation, which if you were to purchase new would be close to $600.  That was not an expense I wanted to fork out.  My phone would still power on and was functioning, but there was no display. Bottom line, accidents happen, even if you try to be cautious.  It’s nice to know that this is actually something you can (DIY) do it yourself.  Keep in mind, I’ve never done this before and didn’t even know how to go about it.  Initially, I googled it.  Eventually after trying all the different tips I’ve found on the internet about drying out your phone, I came to the conclusion that the glass digitizer was fried on my cell phone.  First, I looked for ways to dry the phone I put in the search box “how to fix a wet phone” and then eventually “how to replace HTC Sensation lcd”.

how to fix your wet cell phone

HTC Sensation

How to Fix Your Wet Cell Phone-Tips I Wish I Knew

1)   Turn off your phone immediately and take out your battery and SIM card.

2)   Use paper towel or towel to dry off the battery and SIM card as well as the phone.

3)   Shake off any excess water on the phone.

4)   Place your phone into a Ziploc bag or a vacuum tight container full of dry rice or silica packets for a couple of days, this will help absorb the moisture.

5)   Use a vacuum and suction any excess moisture.  Cup your hand over the vacuum over any openings where moisture has gotten in

6)   Put battery, SIM card back in and Pray that it will power on and work again.

7)   If it powers on and you can tell that it is working but without a visual display as with my case, follow the instructions below.

Tip: DO NOT bring your phone into the bathroom if you can help it!

How to Fix Your Wet Cell phone-YouTube

This is simply the part you looked through the YouTube videos to find a how to video on your particular phone model.  In my case it was the HTC Sensation.  The following video was the one that I used to replaced my LCD and glass digitizer.

How to Fix Your Wet Cell phone-Order the Part

I went to tmart.com and ordered the part from T-mart for $78.66.  It did take a couple of weeks for the part to get here since it was shipped from China.

How to Fix Your Wet Cell phone-Follow direction on YouTube Video

When I received my part.  I just followed the direction on the YouTube video.  The great thing about YouTube video is that you can pause it and re-watch the parts you need more detail on.  I’ve paused the videos many, many times.  End result, my cellphone is working as before without having to replace the phone.  Obviously, there are no guarantee that this will work for you.  But, it is definitely worth a try before spending hundreds of dollars to replace your phone.


P.S. Want to find out how you can earn money from blogging like I do click here now!

There you have it as to how you can fix your wet cell phone!

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